For European and World Baseball

From the European Super League of Baseball, with legally constituted companies for sports and commercial activity, as well as operational headquarters in 5 countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal and 2 in Spain; all of them in the discipline of Baseball, greets with great enthusiasm all lovers of this beautiful sport and especially those of […]


To avoid that immigration laws and regulations continue to be violated by hiring managers and technicians, without immigration status (They have a Tourist Visa), as has happened in the recent 25 years of the RFEBS. -To achieve a healthy and competitive Baseball, without tax and budgetary opacity. -To have a database of players with all […]

Because you are an MVP we want you here! ⚾⚾

We have extended the registrations until June 18, you can apply for the Players Tryout if you are of European nationality, dual nationality or with permanent residence on European soil. Go to: Register with your personal information, contact number, social networks and tell us which position you feel comfortable with. The ESLB is for […]

ESLB and Johan Cruyff Institute Alliance for the Professionalization of Baseball in Europe

t is precisely the path to the professionalization of baseball in Europe, which also requires meeting the rigors of academic study.“That is why we have advanced everything concerning so that this great prestigious Institute is in charge of creating, instructing, evaluating and certifying those who undertake the scientific study of Baseball,” announced Jorge Sánchez Díaz, […]

European Baseball Player: We invite you to register for our tryout

The tryout begins for European baseball players. Just sign up.This tryout is only for baseball players with European nationality or with dual nationality.The players chosen would be hired to be in the final roster in any of the 6 teams in the ESLB.The ESLB has headquarters in 5 countries : Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and […]

The RFEBS and its president Mr. Lizarri CANNOT disengage

The RFEBS and its president, Mr. Lizarri, cannot dissociate themselves, and therefore, we request that they openly explain to all those involved with Spanish Baseball and to all Spanish citizens their reasons for defrauding them with this surprising ignorance and deception of the European Super league Baseball . We request a direct and specific pronouncement […]