For European and World Baseball

From the European Super League of Baseball, with legally constituted companies for sports and commercial activity, as well as operational headquarters in 5 countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal and 2 in Spain; all of them in the discipline of Baseball, greets with great enthusiasm all lovers of this beautiful sport and especially those of the European continent.

Our project in development is pleased to observe that day after day, we continue to build the foundations of inclusion, fraternity and professionalism as foundations of the ESLB, assuring seriously, commitment and consistency that all space gained leads us towards a reality of virtuous synergies for transcendence and full sustainability.

We have designed and planned a long and profitable league to be developed annually for several months with 5 locations and 6 professional teams, with a professional sports show of international level, with players, technicians and suitable spaces that will guarantee a superlative performance, for all fans and sports lovers.

This great goal, set by our entire team, has immersed the need to establish a set of bases that we have been building and achieving as victories in battles, all adding up in the route of enhancing the growth of Baseball in Europe.

As references we highlight the creation of 6 sports franchises with its 6 registered trademarks, the establishment and operational start of the Superior Council of Professional Referees and Scorers of Europe-CSAAPE, the foundation of a channel for the transmissions via Streaming BallSports.TV, and the preparation of a whole platform for the commercialization of tickets to events called BIGTICKET.

It was possible to activate alliances that add high value to the dynamics and vision of the ESLB and we are greatly honored by the one already enabled with the Johan Cruyff Institute, with which we promote the culture of training and professional training in sport, as well as developing specific programs within the management sports of the entire ESLB, its 6 teams and sister organizations.

Likewise, the international company of systems and technology for Baseball the AVG300, with which through apps, will give you statistics and the ¨play by play¨ of each game to all the followers.

The 1st Try Out and International Draft ESLB was implemented, which grouped an approximate of 600 non-European players willing to participate in our league, the incorporation of a luxury coaching staff for each team, headed by their Managers Ramón Hernández, Oscar Escobar, Franklin Túa, Kevin Mahoney, Giovanny Carrara and Franklin Font, the designation of Roberto Clemente Jr. as the 1st ESLB Ambassador and all under the experience and track record of the multi-ring winner of the World Series, the Commissioner of the ESLB, Mr. Luis Sojo.

As if that were not enough, we celebrate being able to share and develop hand in hand with the Abrantes City Council in Portugal, a successful 1st Campus of Training for Umpire and professional scorers from Europe; done by CSAAPE in the month of June.

As can be seen from the above, the ESLB was born to stay for a long time and we have set out to promote valuable changes for the discipline on the continent, provide and establish a model of baseball professional to live with the amateur, be inclusive without ruling out initiatives and previous organizations, be legal and give the possibility for formality immigration and taxation, generate decent and sustainable employment opportunities in the field of the league, to be enablers for the arrival of new and suitable infrastructure of stadiums and spaces for the development of shows professionals of international level, assist in the development of baseball heroes for each country in Europe and support all kinds of initiative that elevates, makes visible and recognized the sport of hit and run.

For decades this approach, model, strategy and vision has been lacking in Europe, however, there were no private or official initiatives that dared or advance, so that without previous promoters to refer to, the ESLB is presented as the First professional league in Europe that seeks to consecutive and constant annual competitions, with continuous improvement and that will incorporate any actor who wishes to be part of the growth and consolidation of professionalism, allowing it to be part of the sports, social, productive and economic, in all cities where there is activity and presence.

As a sample of the fraternal essence of the ESLB and its inclusive vision, it was achieved signing with the RFEBS to promote, grow and enhance Baseball in Spain, making a joint and shared effort to integrate efficiently the scope of the officiality with the scope of the private initiative. This document was made public as well as the report that ruled, through legal experts, the validity and total originality of the same.

At present and among the logistical difficulties that still remain are the sanitary restrictions of COVID19 and the current process, but slowed down, to achieve the recognition of Baseball as a discipline professional in the corresponding legislation and its evolutionary adequacy, leads us to the responsible decision to travel for our first edition for the coming 2022.

The ESLB belongs to a business Cluster that integrates the approach of business and international shows within the sport. Its base on Europe requires extraordinary efforts because never before has anyone proposed something fairly similar to the sport of Baseball,  Every previous effort has been forgotten in history but right now, we are writing new pages.

Therefore, the route that we are opening with effort and decision, always will present difficulties to be solved, having the obligation and commitment to be consistent to show those who observe us, those who support us, those who join us, those who criticize us and the entire ESLB family, that the expectation and start decision for our first season, it goes totally related to consolidating all the conditions for this beginning to come accompanied by the guarantee of continuity year after year, consolidating and strengthening in each edition, a sustainable Professional Baseball model for all the actors and for the pride of Europe.

We emphasize that this decision is based on our firm commitment to carry out a league that dignifies, nurtures and promotes European Baseball from the conception of professionalism and understand that it is always easier and different, the reality of other leagues and championships in continuity status with decades of activity, compared to our situation of difficulties characteristic of being in the middle of the birth process and without previous official advances

We do not tire of exhorting all representatives and responsible corresponding in the official governing organizations of European sport, that it is urgent to recognize Baseball as a professional discipline for its consolidation on the continent. The incorporation of this new condition in corresponding legislation, will speed up the activation of the entire gear that the ESLB has planned by and for sustainable development and consistent of Professional Baseball in Europe.

We salute and appreciate the strong support they consistently give us different important actors such as municipalities, federations, Foundations, Institutions and Public and Private Companies, Investors , Media, as well as Baseball leagues from various parts of the world, players, coaches and fans who with their enthusiastic and constant presence, we are fueled by the commitment to make the ¨play ball¨ of our ESLB.

To all of them, we say that they are part of a great team and that together as an ESLB family we will embark on a first season with the path already paved for many more. We are creating history.

European Super League of Baseball.