The RFEBS and its president Mr. Lizarri CANNOT disengage

The RFEBS and its president, Mr. Lizarri, cannot dissociate themselves, and therefore, we request that they openly explain to all those involved with Spanish Baseball and to all Spanish citizens their reasons for defrauding them with this surprising ignorance and deception of the European Super league Baseball .

We request a direct and specific pronouncement on the signed agreement because it is an irrefutable fact where the President of the RFEBS reflected his signature as a sign of agreement and approval.

We are determined to make the document public in its entirety, submit it to the technical evaluation of an expert and leave in evidence the authenticity of the signature; even more to show all the benefits of an agreement that favors all of Spanish baseball. Situation that apparently goes against the wishes of Mr. Lizarri.

If there is any fraud in this case, it has been done as the protagonist by Mr. Lizarri and on behalf of the RFEBS, although in its statement dated May 11, 2021, the RFEBS tries to disassociate itself or protect itself by not even naming him, when he is being the protagonist of this unfortunate situation.

From the ESLB, a totally independent and private organization, a believer in sports and in love with Baseball as an instrument of brotherhood, fraternity and inclusion, we are completely surprised by the ignorance of the RFEBS of the signature of its president Mr. Lizarri, on occasion to evidence a real document that contains his signature and that includes commitments that he assumed on behalf of the RFEBS.

We feel disappointed and completely deceived because up to this moment and with original documents in our hands, we consider that Mr. Lizarri as President and authorized signature of the RFEBS, would honor every aspect that after various work sessions were established.

It causes sadness when we are aware that all those initiatives and projects included in the signed agreement will establish benefits and provide opportunities for growth and improvement for Baseball in Spain.

We are determined to walk the legal path, ESLB will assume in favor of truth, justice and Baseball in Spain and Europe.