ESLB and Johan Cruyff Institute Alliance for the Professionalization of Baseball in Europe

t is precisely the path to the professionalization of baseball in Europe, which also requires meeting the rigors of academic study.
“That is why we have advanced everything concerning so that this great prestigious Institute is in charge of creating, instructing, evaluating and certifying those who undertake the scientific study of Baseball,” announced Jorge Sánchez Díaz, CEO of the European Baseball Super League.
This agreement between both organizations opens even more the range of opportunities and benefits that it brings to European Baseball in all its structure, our ESLB.
This is something that nobody did before.
118 years of shameful federal management prevented professionalization, keeping European baseball in feudalism.
It is us who, at the beginning of this year, formed the CSAAPE. Higher Council of Professional Referees and Scorers of Europe.Because it is useless to have great figures, valuable prospects and players eager to succeed if the sentences of the moment; the records and results do not have the support of an essential staff for the Professional category.
As well as the meticulous and zealous work of compiling and preserving each record achieved.
Only in this way we will achieve the goal of professionalizing the activity.
That is why our proposal has been executed in phases, it complies with the methodology that allows us obtaining the recognition of all the items to be evaluated and categorize as Professional.
Get recognition from governments.
We will have direct impact in 5 countries in this first fase.

Already the planning and the alliances that have been manage predict a 2022 with a presence in Eastern Europe.
Almost 120 years of baseball in Europe and is now that it comes, who really cares about professional recognition in this sport.
We, from the ESLB, seek equality in the professionalization of players, coaches, referees, scorers and all those who work in the achievement of a season.
The synergy ESLB-CSAAPE and JCI open the doors of professional baseball to Europe.
Wide as the gardens, it is the horizon we seek for professional Baseball in Europe.
Johan Cruyff himself realized how beneficial it was for him to had played baseball.
“Baseball allowed me to concentrate on many details that would later be very useful to me in soccer,” he narrates in his autobiography.
“As a catcher, you determine the pitcher’s pitch because he doesn’t have a total view of the field and you do. I learned that you have to know where you are going to throw the ball before you receive it, which means that you must know all the space around you and where each player is standing before each shot.
No soccer coach told me that I had to know where I was going to pass the ball before I received it, but later, when I was already playing professional soccer, the lessons of baseball, how to focus on getting the big picture, came back to my mind and they became my strength. “

ESLB Press release